This script was originaly made just as experiment to test connecting to external API.
CSS3 animation should work with all modern browsers (and yes i know its not centered).
Simply put browser window in your OBS or Xsplit to capture window with followers and cut it only to green area. So you can remove green background
Every follower will be shown ONLY ONCE, but if you it after a week, it can take a while to show all these followers.
limitations of script: Every request (per 15 secs) can get maximum of 10 newest followers + it can take a while to show then all.
If you are BIG streamer that has thousands of viewers, this script is not recommended for you, but you can try it and see.
Current animation is just fast-made crap with some fart sound on background, you can simply remove that in code or add your own (HTML5 audio)
© 2017 Jiří Bělský aka wUFr
this script is using DIBI database layer and Smarty templates